Alter Eco, Organic Mint Creme Truffles, Dark Chocolate, 4.2 oz (120 g)

  • ₴456

  • Made with Pure Coconut Oil
  • Enlightened Indulgence
  • USDA Organic
  • Fair Trade Certified Ingredients
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Certified Organic by bio.inspecta AG and QAI
  • Non GMO Project Verified
  • Certified B Corporation
  • Freshly Mint

    Time for an irresistibly cool combination. Sink your teeth into deep Ecuadorian cacao to reveal silky-smooth, oh-so-minty center stirred with creamy milk, wholesome coconut oil, and a mellowing touch of Madagascar vanilla.

    Indulgence, enlightened

    These truffles are as organic, fair trade, gluten free, and non-GMO as it gets. And the amazing silky, melty texture inside comes from pure organic coconut oil - a sustainable alternative to palm kernel oil. We believe that old cliche is actually true: we are what we eat. So let's all be mindfully delicious.

    Coconut Oil: Goodness All Around

    Why coconut oil? It's been used for thousands of years by cultures all over the world for its qualities. We use only the pure organic variety in our truffles for the amazing silky, melty texture it adds — and, importantly, to support a sustainable alternative to palm kernel oil.

    Другие ингредиенты

    *Organic raw cane sugar, *organic cocoa butter, *organic coconut oil, *organic cacao beans, organic whole milk, organic peppermint oil, *organic vanilla beans.

    *Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA, total 93.7% Fair Trade ingredients.

    Cocoa: 58% minimum

    Contains milk and coconut.

    Made on equipment shared with tea nuts and soy.


    Хранить при температуре 15 - 18?C (60 - 65?F) в сухом месте.

    Дополнительные факты
    Размер порции: 3 шт. (36 г)
    Порций в контейнере: около 3
    Количество на порцию % Дневная стоимость
    Калории 240
    Калории от жира 170
    Всего жиров 19 г 29%
    Насыщенный жир 13 г 65%
    холестерин 2 мг 1%
    натрий 20 мг 2%
    Всего углеводов 14 г 5%
    Диетическое волокно 1 г 5%
    Sugars 13 г
    белка 1 г
    Витамин А 0%
    Витамин С 0%
    кальций 2%
    Железо 10%
    Нет значительного источника транс-жиров, витамина А и витамина С
    * Процент дневной нормы основаны на диете в 2000 калорий.

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